You will fall in love with your room before you even open its door.

The paths that lead to your room will welcome you with the scent of fresh tropical flowers whilst the interior circulation spaces are decorated with taste and a sense of harmony, inviting you to sit back and relax.

It only takes one night to understand the world of elegance your bedroom offers, thought out in minimalist designs exuding a feeling of peace and harmony

In our rooms, you will be immersed in sumptuous and comforting sheets. You will discover the ingenuity of designers who have revisited the smallest details of tradition for your comfort. The large and unique bathrooms offer a whole array of possibilities.…

Our rooms open onto magnificent terraces which invite you to savor the view before going down to taste the always perfect temperature of the water or simply the tranquility of the garden.

160 m² — Starting from 250.000 CFA

80 m² — Starting from 180.000 CFA

110 m² — Starting from 220.000 CFA

50 m² — Starting from 130.000 CFA

100 m² — Starting from 150.000 CFA

45 m² — Starting from 110.000 CFA